Wherever we gather, we have Community


On Friday night, August 25, 2017 TBI held Shabbat Worship and dinner at a local park.  We have held a couple of Kabbalat Shabbat experiences each summer in this neighborhood park.  It is such a great experience with over 200 members, prospective members and friends of members joining in prayer and Shabbat dinner.  It was completed by a s’mores bar where everyone could make a Shabbat s’more to enjoy for a sweet Shabbat.

 Susie and I brought my mother, who is 96 years old next week.  At first I was focused on how she was warmly greeted and how she enjoyed participating in the worship and singing. Then as I looked around I saw, and then felt, the power of community.  People did not spread out around the shelter; we gathered close, greeted each other and sang together.  And when services ended, everyone shared stories and food.  The conversations included tales of the week just past and plans for the days ahead.  Stories were told over the s’mores table about the Summer now gone and the times when some had enjoyed their first s’more.  It was a community gathering and those who were friends of members and prospective members were drawn right in.  There are many important, comforting and great reasons to be part of a congregation.  Most of all, wherever we gather, we have a warm community.  It just is TBI at its core.

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