Welcome to ShulCloud


Welcome to ShulCloud!  Starting on July 1, 2018, Temple Beth Israel Office Staff began using a new data management system called “ShulCloud”.  This new system gives our congregation the advantage of offering household accounts to each member household.  With this account, you will be able to update your own demographic information, sign up for events, and even manage your financial commitments online!

Let’s get started –
1) You should receive a link from ShulCloud to log in for the first time.  This link is ONLY ACTIVE FOR 14 days.  If you are attempting to access this link after those 14 days, please email Amber Wood (directoroperations@TBISkokie.org) for another link.

2)  Set a password.  Once you have accessed your account, set the password which you will use to login to your account.  Each primary adult on the account will have access to the account.  Your username is the email account to which this email was sent.  As with all account information requiring passwords, please do not share your password with anyone.  No one in the Temple Beth Israel office will ask you for your password when assisting you with your account.

3)  Verify information.  Please verify your information including your home and cell phone numbers, addresses and childrens’ names (as applicable).  Please feel free to update all information in your account to ensure accuracy.

4)  As of right now, you will be able to make payments online to pay your financial commitments to TBI.  If you are paying with PayPal account or charge card, please know that there is a fee associated with that payment.  Using your Paypal account or using your credit card through Paypal are currently the only ways to pay online.  Currently, we are working towards a direct debit option as well.  Should you want to register for an event, you can always “bill my account” and then send in a check.

5)  Please feel free to “wander” around the page.  Explore the different tabs.  For example, listen to the Centennial Stories from the Centennial Story Corp Team!

If you have any challenges or questions, please do not hesitate to email or call the Temple Beth Israel office – 847-675-0951.  We are very excited to engage each member of our community with this new system and look forward to rolling out more features in the weeks to come.

Should you find it helpful, there are two links:  1) to directly login to ShulCloud and 2) to watch a tutorial video regarding logging in to ShulCloud.



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