Headed to camp?


My parents sent me away to resident camp (what we used to call, sleepaway camp) for 8 weeks beginning the summer I turned 9. I know that seems striking in today’s world but (way) back then that is what we did. It is what both my parents had done and no one ever questioned it.

I loved my summers at camp. I went to a wonderful, Chicago based, all girls camp called Nokomis. It was where I learned a lot of independence, where I became an excellent swimmer, sailor, and water skier and where I honed my outdoor camping skills. Camp was where I grew up away from home, away from my sibling and away from anyone I knew.

Camp was formative in my life and although I know that camp is not for everyone, I believe that most kids benefit from a resident camp experience. My only regret is that my parents did not send me to a Jewish camp. Although ALL of the campers were Jewish girls and we did acknowledge Shabbat, I missed out on that part of Jewish camping that brings Jewish life alive in an informal setting. As we get ready for the summer of 2017 I am thrilled that so many of OUR TBI kids will be attending Jewish camp. Their parents should be commended for making that important sacrifice for them. I want to wish them all the summer of their lives and how much I look forward to hearing all about it.

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