Congregational Shabbat Dinner

Enjoy Shabbat Dinner and a lively service geared toward children and their families. You can expect to be led in joyful prayer enhanced by our Youth Ensemble. Shabbat Oneg with...

Shabbat Mishpacha – Family Shabbat with Birthday Blessings & 5th Grade Participation

Temple Beth Israel, 3601 W. Dempster Street, Skokie, IL, 60076, United States, Temple Beth Israel-1-Mendelsohn Hall (200), Temple Beth Israel-1-Sanctuary (220)

During this Shabbat Service, we'll offer a birthday blessing for those with December birthdays.Also during this Shabbat service, the 5th grade class will help us to lead a small part...

Oneg Shabbat

Following Shabbat Mishpacha - Family Shabbat services, experience the joy of Shabbat over a sweet treat and fellowship.  There will be a dedicated kids activity offered as well.

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