Congregational Shabbat Dinner

Temple Beth Israel-1-Mendelsohn Hall (200)

Start Shabbat off right with Shabbat dinner preceding Shabbat Mishpacha - Family Shabbat Services and Oneg. Contact the Office to Register. This event has a video call. Join: (US)...

Shabbat Mishpacha – Family Shabbat with Birthday Blessings & 6th Grade Participation

Temple Beth Israel, 3601 W. Dempster Street, Skokie, IL, 60076, United States, Temple Beth Israel-1-Mendelsohn Hall (200), Temple Beth Israel-1-Sanctuary (220)

As we are taught, on Shabbat we try to become attuned to holiness in time.  Temple Beth Israel offers these varied, inspiring, joyful, and soulful Shabbat worship experiences so that...

Oneg Shabbat Including a Dedicated Youth Activity

Following Shabbat Mishpacha - Family Shabbat services, experience the joy of Shabbat over a sweet treat and fellowship. There will be a dedicated kids activity offered as well.

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