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If I had a million dollars…

If I had a million dollars… This opening line from an early 1990’s Barenaked Ladies song is one with which many of us can identify. Here at TBI we have our own version of this fantasy. We have lots and lots of programmatic ideas that often have to be relegated to our “wish list” because…

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The Optimistic Geniza

     “The Geniza looks half full!”  I overheard the shout from one of the hundred children as they walked by the Geniza that was dug to celebrate the Temple Beth Israel Centennial.  Each child was given the chance to offer a book into the Geniza.  Our entire community was welcome to contribute to the…

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Wherever we gather, we have Community

On Friday night, August 25, 2017 TBI held Shabbat Worship and dinner at a local park.  We have held a couple of Kabbalat Shabbat experiences each summer in this neighborhood park.  It is such a great experience with over 200 members, prospective members and friends of members joining in prayer and Shabbat dinner.  It was…

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A Call for Peace and Community Engagement

On Monday evening, August 14, 2017, I had the great honor to stand in front of a crowd of residents of Skokie and some surrounding communities to address the horrible events this past weekend in Virginia.  Only 24 hours earlier, I had received a call from the new rabbi at Skokie Valley Traditional Congregation requesting…

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Headed to camp?

I went to resident camp for 8 weeks beginning the summer I turned 9. I am thrilled that so many of OUR TBI kids will be attending Jewish camp.

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