American Peace Caravan

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     During the week of Oct. 23rd, I was honored to participate in the American Peace Caravan – a conference of Rabbis, Imams, and Christian Evangelical Pastors – that took place in Rabat, Morocco. It was held under the patronage of King Muhammed VI of Morocco and sponsored by the Forum for Promoting Peace of the UAE. Using the byword: Faith, Trust and the Common Good and working from the Marrakesh Declaration, this convocation proceeded from the framing assumption that each of us could continue to hold fast to our own particularistic, theological values and yet we could acknowledge that we are all created in the Divine image. We could accept that there is much about which we disagree and yet we could join together to find, and celebrate, that upon which we agree.

On Friday evening November 24th, I will speak more extensively about this experience and about the multi-faith initiative “My Neighbor’s Keeper” that is an outgrowth of this project. I look forward to sharing with you a very positive and encouraging story of multi-faith tolerance and collaboration.

In this spirit, I wanted to share with you that members of a mosque in Washington DC have taken the lead to create a fund to help the community of Sutherland Springs, Texas in the aftermath of the devastating mass shooting there this past Sunday. If you would like to donate just click on this link.


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